About us

Spectral is an Executive Recruitment & Talent Search Firm, based in Delhi having served MNC, Indian & Global Clients for their manpower requirement.

We started in 2002 & have partnered with Fortune 500 Clients plus Large Business Conglomerates across India & Globe (Mauritius, Singapore, Japan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, and Bahrain etc.)

We are a people and process driven organization and focus on client requirements to provide efficient delivery.


Team’s Capabilities

Our is a Agile, Vital, Focused & Performance driven team, which has build Client Systems and Processes by providing Human Capital.


Our Capabilities


  • Bringing Productive Manpower on Board & Enable Exponential Growth
  • Serving with Innovation, Practical and Systematic models
  • Team is Client Centric and driven by Performance Objectives


Focused Areas is to Acquire professionals with Skills & Talent


  • Establishing & Building Relationships with Client organization
  • Understanding Client Culture, Business & Service lines




We are committed to make people “Gainfully Employed”.

Our Processes and systems are engineered to enable Empowerment, Growth & Productivity

Our business differentiators:

  • Working as enabler
  • Talent planning & analysis
  • Structured communication
  • Dynamic learning with industry interface
  • Integrated & Compliant client recruitment process
  • Performance Metrics Defined & Driven
  • Well-defined Service Level Agreements
  • Talent competency assessment &Talent Advisory Capabilities
  • Client Branding & Sustainability
  • Multi Disciplinary team
  • Cost Optimize Processes
  • Scalable & Sustainable Recruitment models (Agile and Analytical) 


Spectral Proposition


  • Spectral has impeccable reputation in the industry as a dependable “growth partner”.
  • We are committed to create high value for people & support our clients in generating incremental growth through Human Capital.
  • Our client centric high performance Team is committed to excellence, integrity & customized services always.
  • We operate by forming “Partnership Alliances” with our clients.
  • We adherence to Standard Operating Procedures & SLA.
  • Our Industry Interfaces & affiliations bring forth new approaches.


Our Methodologies


  • Understanding the clients requirement for the given positions
  • Getting an understanding of the target market and companies
  • Creating a pool of candidates basis an industry mapping
  • Consultant led evaluation of candidates basis skills , knowledge & competencies
  • Collaborating with the client for candidate assessment
  • Closure of the process through an offer to the “best fit” candidate.


“Talented people transform businesses and are intangible resources for the client’s organization”.